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Joey Meatballs

About us

Joey Meatballs creates handmade pasta in a fast-casual environment. These pasta creations are customized, fired up to order, and in your hands within minutes. We are community driven to our soul.

We partner with local farmers and purveyors to create affordable scratch cooking for the people of community.


Every great accomplishment begins with dream that motivates us to shape our thoughts into reality. Joey Meatball is that person in all of us. There is nothing more unpresuming, warming and taste like home than the meatball.

The Joey Meatballs dream came from a kid with humble beginnings, a tough kid who is not just a survivor but a thriver. Joey Meatballs founder Joshua Headquist fought his way through his adolescence on the streets of the twin cities. Cutting his teeth in the kitchen doing prep and washing dishes, Josh became enamored with the thrill and excitement of being on the kitchen line. Finding the fire Josh moved down to South Florida where he fell in love with Italian food and culture that came with it. After years of impressing Floridians with his upscale Italian fare Josh returned to the twin cities. The roots from which he came brought out the Joey in inside him. Josh decided to drop the fancy sh!t and wanted to combine the food he loved with the person he is. Joey Meatballs was born making authentic handmade pasta accessible for all to enjoy.

Support local, be nice, EAT A MEATBALL